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Body Hair Transplant - RYAN CLINIC

What is body hair transplant in men?

Learn about body hair transplantation for men, a procedure that involves transferring hair from one area of the body to another to address hair loss or thinning. Find out more about the process, benefits, and potential outcomes on our website.

Body Hair Transplant

In numerous situations, the patient may have limited amounts of donor hair on the back of their head, or the donor area may be exhausted or marked by previous surgical procedures.

Body Hair Transplant

Body to scalp hair transplant is utilized in cases like these, where modern technology such as Quick Hair Transplant (Ryan Clinic) FUE is employed to transfer body hair for the restoration of head hair.

Body Hair Transplant

In more severe stages of hair loss, body hair transplant can effectively be done either alone or alongside scalp hair to enhance the overall aesthetic of the hairline and address alopecia areata.

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Which Body Hair Is Suitable For Hair Transplant?

When considering a hair transplant, it's important to know which types of body hair are suitable for the procedure. Typically, the most commonly used donor hair for hair transplants comes from the back of the head, as it tends to be the most similar in texture and thickness to the hair on the scalp. However, body hair from other areas such as the chest, arms, or legs can also be used in certain cases. The key factors to consider when selecting donor hair for a transplant are the texture, thickness, and color of the hair compared to the recipient area on the scalp.

The body hair obtained from beard is the most desirable and desirable as it is thick, strong and long. Beard hairs are also great for adding density to areas that are lacking.

Chest hair is also often used. While beard hair is used on the crown of the head, chest hair is usually kept at the front hairline to give a natural, feathered look.

Body Hair Transplant
Body Hair Transplant
Knowledgeable & Experienced Doctors

Ryan Transplant Clinic in Delhi, Pitampura has a team of doctors that are highly skilled in their respective fields and have years of experience under their belts. Whether you are in need of a consultation for a transplant or a complicated medical procedure, our doctors have the expertise to guide you through the process with care and compassion. Rest assured that you are in good hands at Ryan Transplant Clinic, where our doctors are dedicated to providing the best possible care for each and every patient.

We have successfully performed over 6 million hair graft transplants, which include scalp hair transplant, beard hair transplant and body hair transplant.

We believe in providing the utmost satisfaction to our patients with a highly-customized solution.

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Our team of dedicated hair transplant doctors in India are exceptionally skilled in providing you with high quality procedures that will change your life. We use the latest technologies and have an in-house qualified, experienced team of doctors, nurses and technicians. We are also equipped with latest machines and hair transplant tools.

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